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One of the US established organization for International Trade and Information Office, specialized public-private partnership (PPP) from USCONSORTIUM for facilitating and managing infrastructure investments have existed for years in countries like the China, Taiwan, Malaysia, Thailand, Vietnam, and other developing countries in Africa, the PPP, sponsored by the US Consortium, issued good governance guidelines for institutional arrangements established in support of PPPs, also have established government institutions that support PPP development. Such non-profit organization under USCONSORTIUM have recently begun to proliferate in the developing world with the USCONSORTIUM Funds. In some cases, USA-CHINA INTERNATIONAL TRADE AND INFORMATION OFFICE functions were simply to assist and lift the responsibilities of the centralized privatization organizations, enterprises between USA and China.

USA-CHINA INTERNATIONAL TRADE AND INFORMATION OFFICE provides the necessary guidelines with information that need to protect US based companies that are doing businesses in China with the full understanding of the procurement acts and regulations, policies to promote successful economic trades and any PPP contracts. This is a non-profit organization with sponsor candidate Chairman as the PDI Officer who has the full knowledge of the regulations and policies to provide the solution to the problem to a better structured,sustainable PPP projects with guidance on what is and is not a sustainable,commercially viable project, before final decisions are taken regarding project structure.

Relatively successful PPP contract directly target specific government failures present in their countries. Clear focus on the role of the organization in responding to the failures of the existing government institutions is needed to promote amore appropriate institutional solution under the circumstances.USA-CHINA INTERNATIONAL TRADE AND INFORMATION OFFICE with executive power tend to be more effective than those that are purely advisory. It is important, however, that the power be coupled with a mandate to promote and facilitate good PPPs. Ineffective governments tend to have ineffective PPP Units. Where government agencies are corrupt and uncoordinated it will be difficult for a PPP contract to escape the same fate. Without high-level political support for the PPP Program, a PPP Contract will most likely fail. Therefore, In parliamentary systems, effective PPP Contract have tended to be attached to treasury departments (Ministries of Finance). This reflects the natural role of the treasury in coordinating government policies and expenditure, its mandate to manage fiscal risk, and the power treasuries derives from holding the purse strings of government. In a non parliamentary system a PPP Contract may do best if attached to a powerful coordinating agency.